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The practice takes its name from the architecturally fascinating
Tempietto di San Pietro (c 1506) in Montorio, Rome.

Designed by Donato Bramante, this small round chapel is a masterpiece of the Renaissance period, combining intricate geometry and proportion.

Tempietto Architects’ team of dedicated and creative professionals share Bramante’s dedication to the pursuit of architectural excellence.

Tempietto Architects was established in 1998, to provide professional architectural services to developers, property owners and private individuals in South East England.

Since inception, much of the work of Tempietto has been in sensitive locations.  The ability of the practice to produce modern and traditional design solutions that are suitable for their context are essential ingredients of its success and reputation for gaining planning consents.  This has enabled the realisation of projects on challenging sites often with numerous planning and heritage constraints.

Tempietto’s aim is to produce distinctive buildings by responding sensitively to the challenges of individual sites and the desires of our clients.  Our design skills are supported by a sound understanding of historic and modern buildings, building regulations, planning legislation and government advice, which are invaluable in achieving the aspirations of our clients.  As Contract Administrators, we establish a good rapport with clients, engineers, project managers and contractors, enabling projects to be fully realised.

Although the traditional skills of sketching and drawing continue to be valued at Tempietto, the company is committed to the use of technology and invests regularly in updating Computer Aided Design, specification and communication software.  This enables Tempietto to produce clear and accurate drawings, schedules and specifications for construction that can be shared easily with clients and all members of the project team.

Tempietto is always conscious that land and buildings are important and valuable resources.  Whilst aiming to deliver creative designs that harmonise with their surroundings, the functional requirements of buildings and interiors and the maximisation of value are important factors that are always given full consideration.

Tempietto offer a wide range of architectural services, varying from advice on repairs to historic buildings to a full architectural service.  They aim to provide clients with sound advice that often saves them time and expense and well designed buildings that add value to their investment.

“Well building hath firmness, commodity and delight”
Henry Wotton after Vitruvius